The Tale of gertie.

Once upon a time... a small cafe on Melbourne's Gertrude Street... idea was hatched:  Let’s create a business that makes life easy for other businesses. Let’s combine our skills in branding, marketing, design and social media, and be the go-to place for businesses that are ready to get clear on their direction.

Let’s help people cut through the noise, and find a strong, cohesive voice for their brand. One that’s pitch-perfect now, and will serve them well into the future. One that's clearly heard, across every platform.

And just like that, Gertie - a brand management agency with high ideals - was born. Gertie now proudly helps businesses to find and tell their stories in the most effective way.

Since those heady days, Gertie's client base has exploded across various industries, from eco tourism and hospitality to social enterprise and medical research. We’ve outgrown our first home in Gertrude Street from which we took our name, but the spark that ignited us is still strong. Creativity and collaboration – and great coffee – are at the heart of everything we do. Want in? Let us buy you an inspiring cup of Java. We’d love to chat.   

Find new ways to make your business cut through the noise.

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