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Your logo: Let’s get it right

We’re a judgmental lot, aren’t we? It takes people seconds to form an opinion about a person or business, and we don’t hesitate to walk away from something that doesn’t quickly gain our attention and trust.

Logos are not immune. It’s so important to get them right. They’re the face of your business, the embodiment of your brand. If they’re done on the cheap, rushed, designed by the person in accounts who isn’t a designer, or just fail to capture the essence of what you’re about, your business is at a huge disadvantage. You want a logo you can feel connected with and proud of. That’s worth spending time on.

At Gertie, logo design doesn’t stop until you’re satisfied. We offer unlimited revisions on logo design, because we believe these things:

  1. Design isn’t everyone’s first language. It’s hard to think in visual terms when you’re not a designer. Communicating the values and characteristics of a business in words is hard enough. It usually takes several iterations of an idea before there’s an alignment. That’s why we’re happy to keep working on it until it feels like a perfect fit.  
  1. Simple is great, but it isn’t fast. The Nike tick didn’t happen before morning coffee. Distilling the essence of a brand into a powerful logo takes plenty of constructive communication, and lots of patience. Let’s make a start. Let’s not rush it.  
  1. Near enough isn’t good enough. Nobody should be pressured into accepting a logo that’s not quite right just because they’ve run out of the limited revisions that usually come with a logo design quote. We’re willing to keep tinkering with the design (or scrap it and start again if necessary) until it sings for the client.  
  1. The wrong logo is such a liability. We don’t want anyone to go out there with one of those. If it’s cheap, tacky, or appears to have nothing to do with the ethos of your business, it’s costing you money. Customers will be turning their backs in droves. Don’t skimp on your logo, please. Get a designer and spend the time.
  1. A logo is for a long time. Although some businesses tweak their logos over time, changing them significantly risks diminishing the brand story you’ve worked so hard to build. You want a logo that’s going to stand the test of time. That’s reason enough to spend the energy creating something that’s right, and that won’t date.
  1. Most things can be improved. Even if the first iteration of a logo design is considered pretty damned good, we want clients to feel comfortable to ask for changes, no matter how minor, or how often. Seeing it on the page is really the only way to tell if a proposed change works or not. We get it. Visual communication is tricky. We’re happy to work with you until you’re satisfied.

A logo isn’t your whole brand, but it’s a pretty big piece of the arsenal. Time spent on it now will pay off for years to come.

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