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Wherever We Lay Our Hat

“Where are you based?”


We get this question a bit at Gertie. The short answer is: Smith Street, Melbourne, Australia. The long answer is: wherever there’s a creative hub, an inspirational pulse, a bunch of interesting, ethical, innovative projects going on.  

That certainly describes Melbourne’s inner city precinct of Fitzroy, which is why we’ve set up Gertie HQ there at United Co, a co-working space in Smith Street. It’s a buzzy, collaborative space where we brush shoulders with start-up entrepreneurs and people doing business in lots of different fields.  

We love it for its energy and variety and the big thinking that goes on within its meeting rooms and hot-desk setups. We also love it for its flexibility, because as much as we love Melbourne, we don’t like being tied to one place. Our clients are all over the world, and we love having the freedom to visit them (and have them visit us) so we can all be inspired by each other’s worlds, be it in New York city, Phoenix, London, Melbourne or Perth.  

It’s how we keep abreast of the latest ideas, get fresh perspectives and stay fully inspired – by not staying still. So if you’re looking for us, try Smith Street first by all means. If we’re elsewhere, hold tight. We’ll be back soon with our creative coffers full to overflowing.  

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