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What colour are you?

One glance at the Gertie website gives some pretty good clues about how we feel about colour. The lush and loaded paintbrushes are a dead giveaway, along with the rolling slabs of colour drawn from every hue of the rainbow.  

But notice our logo is white?

Yes, there is a reason for that. More on that later. First, let’s talk colour.

In design, it’s one of the great tools for conveying the spirit and intent of a brand. We love using colour theory to find the right combinations of hues to best represent our clients. Whether they’re complementary colours, analogous colours (close together on the colour wheel) or high contrast colours, each combo speaks volumes.

And then there’s colour temperature, turning the heat up or down on emotional responses. Reds and yellows are warm, and can signify things like imagination, energy, optimism, passion and strength. Cool blues and greens evoke grace, elegance, integrity, generosity and confidence. Black, grey and browns are more neutral.

So why is our logo white? Because white – not strictly a colour itself – contains all the wavelengths of visible light. Think of it as a receptacle for all the colours, neatly reflected as fresh, pure brilliance. Not to pull our own chain, but that’s us! We caretake all the colours, so we can use the right ones, in the right way, for our clients. Colour theory, like branding itself, can be daunting. Think of us as the white light that cuts through the noise and makes sense of it all.

White is also said to be the colour of new beginnings. Need a brand refresh or a clean slate? You know where to come.

Find new ways to make your business cut through the noise.

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General Contact Information: