Why your brand needs a voice

You know this game. An old friend sneaks up behind you and puts their hands over your eyes. Maybe you haven’t seen them in a while, but it only takes a couple of words. “Guess who?”

You know that voice anywhere, right? Its tone, its pitch, its spirit, the feeling it evokes. And so it should be with your brand. Your voice – the tone that carries through all of your communications, both written and visual – should be loaded with good info. It’s the thing that tells people something about your culture, values, attitude and intent. It’s a vital way to stand out from your competitors, and key to keeping your messaging cohesive.  

It’s common for people to think of brand only in terms of logo and other visual cues. But take away that logo and business name. Do you have a voice people can recognise anywhere? Even metaphorically blindfolded? Playful. Traditional. Wholesome. Irreverent. Deadly serious. A brand voice can be any of these things – it just needs to be consistent.  

An effective voice adds the ‘human’ to your brand. It incites an emotional response – so pivotal in many decisions. It lets customers know how they might relate to you, and you to them. As in any relationship, connection, trust, authenticity and reliability are key. Your brand voice is what you use to cultivate and grow those things.

What you don’t want is mixed messages, confused brand positioning or – just as bad – to project a bland, insipid persona. Don’t fall down that hole! Finding your brand voice and using it consistently across all platforms will pay off at the business end of things. Need some help? It happens to be a Gertie strong suit. Just holler!

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