The office graveyard

The world is spinning fast. Things change quickly. Technology puts us within seconds of what’s happening globally.

These are among the reasons Gertie chooses to eschew the conventional office setup. Rather than being wedded to a particular locale and only serving clients within meeting-distance of our office, our team is globally agile. We can meet clients all over the world – in person and online – by maintaining a flexible working arrangement and access to the best technology.

Our location-independent team is scattered around Australia and sometimes the USA and beyond. We still work closely together – just not necessarily in the same room. (Thank you, video conferencing software). When we need to, we come together for strong coffee and productive chats in our co-working space in Melbourne. Otherwise, technology helps us erase time zones and get things done.

So long to unnecessary meetings and peak-hour commutes. We’ll just be over here (or there), working smarter.

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