Branding for Good : Elemental Projects

One of the great privileges of the work we do is collaborating with businesses whose values align with our own.  

We care about sustainability and the environment, and about creative, passionate projects that have great integrity at their core. It’s pretty special to be able to brand businesses that share those values. It’s where our tag line – Branding for good – comes from.

Elemental Projects is one of those businesses that really floats our boat. They’re a progressive bunch, and the work they’re doing is cutting edge and exciting. Their architects and engineers work on projects around the world across lots of different industries, but the projects all seem to have one thing in common: they’re seeking to make the world a bit better than it is. Props to you, Elemental.

Whether they’re working on a culturally-aware eco-resort in the Caribbean or ways to grow food on a dry Kimberley property, they’re walking the talk that underpins their values. All their projects are carbon neutral, community-minded and environmentally sensitive.  

It’s been a pleasure to work with Elemental to reflect those core beliefs in their brand. We’re excited to see where else their values-driven innovation takes them.

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